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Welcome to HerboristUSA.com!

The time-honored cosmetology of China is still charming in today’s modern civilization, which reflects modern people’s sensation of returning to nature.

Following the classics of Chinese cosmetology by adopting integral ideas, combining the peculiar herbal essence of ancient China and the latest modern biotechnical achievements, Herborist provides consumers with natural and effective skin care products to create the beauty from natural herbs.

Herborist, as the first modern herbal products of China, reflects the essence of ancient Chinese culture that pursues “nature and balance” and mirrors the philosophy that refreshing, natural and healthy beauty are bound to stem from the root. Herborist likes to share with you the secret of skin care as well as physical and mental balance.

Offering thanksgiving and supporting the environment, Herborist will always advocates healthy, refreshing natural life attitude, and to provide each consumer with natural, safe and mild products as well as systematic and friendly services.

Herborist offers thanksgiving to the society – it originates from nature and rewards nature. It will take the initiative to support our environmental.