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Silky All-Day Softening Cleansing Foam

A precious plant from the Himalayas: Nobile Orchid.

Good moisturization is a natural barrier that protects the skin from external stess factors. According to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), this protective barrier requires a balance of Yin and Yang that corresponds to the water and fat metabolism. When this balance is upset, it can lead to Yin deficiency, causing the skin to lose elasticity and grow dull. To restore the balance, TCM recommends the use of Nobile Orchid, a precious plant rich in nourishing active ingredients that grows in the heart of Himalayas. Used for its capacity to maintain and stimulate Yin, it rehydrates and softens the skin.

With a high concentration of natural Nobile Orchid extracts, the Silky line rehydrate the skin and boost radiance: in-depth action for noticeable healthier and plumped skin.

This Cleansing Foam offers a unique formula based on traditional Chinese herbal extracts in a modern aerosol format. Purity, delicacy and softness at your fingertips. This exceptionally delicate, light-as-air foam gently purifies the skin, leaving it ready to fully benefit from the skincare ritual. The application method stimulates microcirculation, activated by herbal ingredients including Leonurus sibiricus (Chinese Motherwort). The pores open so that nutrients can be better absorbed by the skin. Mulberry extract adds to the extraordinary gentle sensation and satin softness. 

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